NetBook 2.7

This AIR application browses and retrieves files from Project Gutenberg Library
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Dean McKee

NetBook is an Adobe AIR application that retrieves content from a book library. The author of this application released this application to participate in a contest and decided to make it very simple. Nonetheless, it can be given a lot of use. Netbook connects to the Project Gutenberg Library, which is an online database of HTML and Audio books. You can download and browse through any of the books that are available. The application will cache every HTML page opened while you are online so that they can be accessed offline if you need to. Netbook will be able to open both Audio and HTML books. Those are displayed in the plain text format, which is easy to read. The application's interface is divided in tabs, but the most important one is the "catalog". There you will be able to browse through the some 13100 books that are available. Double-clicking on a book will open it in the main screen. There is no clear division of pages, but you can save your progress at any time by remembering the numbers at the bottom. The only thing I would also like to mention is the program's full-screen mode, which will darken all other applications so that reading becomes easier on the eyes. Other than that, the application is stable enough to use for prolonged times.

José Fernández
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